Terms & Privacy

The reason we offer guest lists is so that patrons are more easily able to manage their own groups on a night out. 

The venue will not respond individually to each guest list that is submitted. Please do not call to ask if we have received your guest list, and if your numbers change, there is no need to re-submit your list or to get in contact with us. 

Alumbra always maintains the right to refuse entry. 

Guest lists do not guarantee entry. 

Entry may not be guaranteed for a number of reasons some of which may include dress code, intoxication, venue capacity or liquor licensing.

We recommend to arrive earlier to avoid disappointment on the door and to maximise your chances of entry (between 9.30-10.30pm on a Saturday night, for instance). 

Special events and functions that may be held on the night of your guest list may also affect entry. Guest lists do not provide you or your guests with complimentary entry, the regular admission fee will still be charged. We do not give away drink cards or areas/booths/tables to patrons who wish to submit a guest list. By acknowledging these terms and conditions you agree to Alumbra's door policy. Dress code; neat casual (if you are in doubt, dress up!) Please feel free to pass all of these details on to your guests so that they are aware of Terms & Conditions of a Guest List Application and Alumbra's Door Policy.

*Patrons are reminded that they do not need a guest list to get into Alumbra over the course of the weekend.

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